Monday, June 25, 2012

Gothic mani for AIS

Ok so as promised here is my latest mani! It was a gothic mani day over at AIS and I already had this blue on, so I had to figure out how to make it gothic. I'm not sure really if you can consider these cute skulls with bows and hearts and flowers very goth but oh well! lol. So I did the skulls on my left hand, and then on the right I did those scrolly looking things. I LOVE love L.O.V.E. this blue sooooo much! Its the most awesome dark blue grey creme. Its a Revlon, called Midnight! I've used it 3 times this week already hehe. Oh and I used my Drk-A plate for both images. WnW Ebony Hates Chris for the stamping...

 I know this is a short post, but I'm trying to get my new schedule figured out now that I'll be working again starting next week. 
Well I guess thats all for today! Hope you had a great weekend! It sure was hot here, like 100!! Too much for me, makes me feel blah!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sorry I disappeared...

Hello my lovelies!

Just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciate you following my posts! I haven't been able to do much in the way of posting lately, but I am gearing up to being better.

Life has been crazy busy but an AWESOME amazeballs crazy! In this past week, I found out that I was able to save our house and I got a job, all with my in-laws telling me I was too much a loser and would never succeed-I'm too much a failure in life in their opinion. So to them I would like to say SCREW YOU! Despite all your wishes and thoughts, I still did it! So there :)~ HA! Ok now that I got that out my system....We also found out that Work Comp has decided to declare my husband permanently and totally disabled which although "sounds" bad, is such a HUGE blessing in disguise. Basically it means he will be compensated for life and social security should also be approved now too! So now with me starting this new job and this guaranteed income now, I think there def is some light at the end of the tunnel for us! YAY!!!!! I think now we can make it! Esp if his family would stay off my back and try to think about MY feelings, I am human, I do have them dammit! And if they knew what an extensive background check it took, maybe they could think that I'm indeed not such a horrible "devil worshipping" failure of a person! But thats for another day. I HOPE! lol

Thanks for reading and commenting!

New nail posts to come!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This past weekend here in UTAH was Pride weekend, an event I've always wanted to go to but never have been fortunate enough to go to. So I at least wanted to say...

So whomever of you went or will go when it comes to your town, hope it was a Fabulous time!

Love always, 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather! Its hott but sunny! YAY

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Confetti. Cake!

Ok, yes so I was watching tv while I did this one. I as soon as I was done, the new DQ commercial came on for the new blizzard, Confetti Cake, and as I looked down, I realized that my nails looked exactly like it! Nom nom nom nom, can I eat my nails, lol! Or quick, take me to DQ! Good thing its like 1 am so I cant just go run out and get a blizzard! Although tomorrow  I have to go ... hmmmm, maybe I'll just show you what I came up with instead of slobbering all over my keyboard HA!

So, I made my first glitter sandwich! Cant believe I've never done this before! It looks soooo awesome! It is (for me anyway) one of those manis that I cant stop staring at! I used SH White ON for a nice crisp pure white base.Then for the second coat, I mixed some glitter I got from YOU MIX COSMETICS (you should go talk to Amber, she is sooo sweet! They just moved so their shop is on vacation mode but they are still taking orders. They have lots of frankening supplies and they do have color fast glitter) with some clear I had, I think I should name it "Party in a Bottle" cuz there are some many shapes and colors of glitter! Ah its so awesome! Then for the third coat I made a white jelly and it made the perfect topping to my glitter! Ok, so on with pics right?!?


Did I ever tell you...?!?

I started an Etsy store once upon a time (well, about a year ago actually) for some "hair flowers". It had kinda just started rolling when my husband got injured. It has been in "vacation" mode ever since. Ive wondered if I should get it up and going again but I'm not sure I didnt miss my window of opportunity. So I thought Id show you some pics and see what y'all thought....if you wouldn't mind that is.

Hopefully I didnt bore you too badly! Until next time...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hello all my loves!

 How you be this fine Monday early morning!?! I dont know how to sleep anymore so I thought I better get my fat ass busy and quit slacking on my posts. I have so much done and things I wanna share, that I may never get caught up, lol.

I did find out recently that my bestie Heather is preggo and getting into her second trimester, so I couldnt be happier for her and her husband! They are the luckiest couple I know. It just seems their life is going so perfectly and I am so lucky to have her as a friend, even though shes clear far away in freaking MO! Damn I hate that shes so far away. But oh well, they are happy and succeeding supremely at life that guess I can learn to deal with this long distance relationship.

So, on to nail news...

I was so excited to learn that Pam of Nail Soup nominated me for a versatile blogger award!

Wow, thats so sweet esp since I'm just getting started out! So cool!! However, took me a little bit to figure out how to pay it forward to others and with her help, I think i got it now! :)

 Now copying from Pams blog:

The rules are:
1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers who have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post. 

So my first step is to nominate my fellow bloggers:

1-Pam of Nail Soup
2-Silje of Foxy Marys World
3-Hannah of Polished Prisms
4-The Polished Mommy
5-Nicky at Nicks nails n stuff
6-Nita of Polished Imperfections (a little artful chaos)
7-Kirsten of Plates Project (also Geeky Owl)
8-Stephanie of A little Polish
9-Renata of Vegalante (flash sparkle)
11-Aylin of Posh Nail Art
12-Sharon of What color is my coat
13-Gwenns new blog at Ayuubeads
14-Tess of Football & Fingernails
15-Michele of Simple and Beautiful

Ok so now for 7 Random facts about me:
1. I am adopted
2. I have a degree in Sales 
3. I am also an only child
4. Addicted to Diet Coke!!! 
5. Obsessed with Law & Order:SVU
6. Have two furr babies for kids
7. Intrigued by Zentangling

Ok, so now I pass it on to you guys above and hope that you play along with us and have some fun! I want to thanks Pam again for thinking of me and giving me an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful world of bloggin!

and thx for reading...


Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Queens Day Challenge

I've been MIA lately and I apologize. Things were crazy busy there for a minute with all the foreclosure crap but we've re-filed a loan mod so now its back to waiting time!  GRRRR

I havent stopped with the manis tho, so now I have a few to fall back on if I ever need to.

So I did the challenge for this week from AIS....its Queens Day,

which has been quite a subject in the group. I wish we lived in a perfect world and no one ever got their feelings hurt, but um, ya, thats not EVER going to happen. Esp with a group of women, lol.

But without further ado, here is my mani...the first is a pic before I stamped it.

I used SH Snappy Sorbet, then put on a white(ish) polish and did the saran wrap technique with it, and I liked it so much better! That SH SS isnt a good color for me...but then I used a BPS plate m79 and stamped with NYC Times Square with it. Then to make it more appropriate for the challenge, I used 2 of my square rhinestones I got from Crazy Cart (a store on Amazon) in red and blue, but turned to be diamonds. So, hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Perspective...

As some of you may know, life has been a bit rough lately. I thought I might try and explain some...Ok, to air my dirty laundry, here goes...

I struggle from bi-polar, migraines, and have multiple herniated discs in my back. I was out on a medical leave from my job for trying to get my self straightened out (whatever that may be) when my husband of only 6 months, got in an industrial accident and nearly died! He was/is a welder and had been working for the union and kept getting laid off due to our lovely economy. So we decided that it might be best if he left the union and find just a regular welding job; so he found a structural job. Then in June, we went through a level of hell that we didnt know existed! Jason (my husband) fell off a second story building head first onto concrete. He had to be air lifted to the University of Utah Trauma center where they discovered he had broken his neck, tore his vertebral artery, and sustained multiple brain injuries and damages. He was in a coma for about a month and in the hospital for just over 6 weeks. Then we had months and months of all kinds of different therapies. We have been receiving workmans compensation and thank god that we did cuz we wouldnt have survived if not. But now, we are so behind that our mortgage company refuses to help us because Jasons prognosis is unknown (apparently every brain injury is unique to every individual and there is no way to know if he can or will ever work again and if so, at what capacity).

So this past few weeks have been a living hell because I have no one to talk to or vent to as no one understands. Jason barely says a word to me ever, like we have 2-3 conversations, i mean sentences, per day, if that. He is so miserable and I feel completely at a loss as to how to help him. I've tried to get him interested in so many things and nothing is working. I started this blog as a way to help me find motivation and a life worth living again cuz I figure if Im happier then maybe that would help him. But with this whole foreclosure looming over my head, and all the stress and pain I myself am going through, I made some stupid mistakes this past week and took a bunch of pills. Of course I know that that was a HORRIBLE idea and God doesnt forgive suicide and I regret it, but I still dont feel any better. So we have like one month to come up with $8000 or we have to move out and be homeless. So is it any wonder that I feel lost and guilty and dont know what to do? I feel like everything is completely my fault (and the families are kinda leaning toward those same feelings i think) and there is no way out. But they are trying their best to help us in whatever manner they can which is awesome. But still $8000 seems quite overwhelming!

Have I complained enough yet?!? I just need somewhere to talk so this is it! And I think that this is why I took to doing a blog so much cuz its fun and exciting and I get to play with pretty colors and fun designs and somehow, no matter how trivial it may seem to everyone I know, it makes me feel somehow pretty and like I have some kind of purpose again. And this is probably the last time I am going to go off on this long tangent. I just thought that maybe a little perspective into why I say certain things sometimes may help make sense. And what better way for you to get to know me than for me to just blurt it out and tell all my dirty little secrets right?!?

So there it is, a little perspective...

Hope I didnt bore you all and turn you against reading my blog cuz that was never my intention. I really just needed to vent. And hey if anyone has any ideas on help with foreclosure I would certainly be appreciative to anything you might have to help us out. And of course if there are any millionaires who just cant figure out where to spend their money, I could def help you out there, lol.

So next time will be a post about nails and beauty or crafts, not this emotional shit I promise!

Again, thanks for reading, esp if you made it all the way thru!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick mani...

Well, I was going to do a challenge, but, I guess I cant play well with others! :O So this was going to be one with  ladybugs, but my ladybug image would NOT stamp. I tried different polishes, going faster, slower, and then just gave up. So it ended up looking like a winter background...which coincided quite well with the change of weather we seem to be experiencing. One day its 80 then the next its snowing! Gotta love UTAH weather right! But all in all I think it looked pretty good...see what you think.

I used my new white polish that I got from NAILITE for only 99 cents, I think its called Marshmallow. But I really liked it! It had a good formula, and was a really good white, not too pasty and not too silvery. Then I stamped with Sally Hansen, Grey Area, which to me looks brown, but ya, maybe Ive become color blind?!? The stamp was Shany 18. I was happy to finally find that one of my Shany plates worked! Ive had such a hard time with everyone Ive used thus far. 

Ok, so there it is... a kinda meh, boring mani. But I vowed to always show how each turns out.

Guess you all noticed that I never got my caviar mani done...but it will. Just havent had time to lately. Life has gotten crazy and quite rough to the point I wanna run away and die. But instead, I'll just keep doing my nails and hopefully that will keep me in a somewhat pleasant mood. Ok, done venting for now, and hey thanks for listening!

Hope I didnt scare you all away and you'll check back again to see what Im up to. For now, Ciao!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Light it up Blue...Autism awareness

Hi all! Hope youre having a glorious day! The sun is shining here but its windier than crap! I think March is still trying to come in like a lion not realizing its April now. I think we had wind gusts of 100 mph at the peak...yikes!

Anyway. I've learned that April is Autism Awareness month

 and today is Light it Up Blue!

 So to support Autism, we are encouraged to light a blue light, whether it is in a window, a porch light, etc.  I was going to put my blue xmas lights around my window but I forgot they were burned out this past year and got thrown away. (a little side note...after my husbands brain injury, it has come out that he suffers from a mild form of autism, Aspergers, and I am trying my hardest to be supportive and understanding but I am falling short. So Im hoping that when he sees this mani he'll understand that I do care and love him and am trying to be the best wife I can :) )


 So, I'll show you my blue mani instead. HOWEVER, it is not my design...I got it from Casey at stampaholicnailart.  Hers is really awesomely perfect, mine was a first attempt but I still think it came out ok.

So without further ado here is my version...

I used Sinful Colors Cinderella (LOVE love L.O.V.E this color!) as the base and then for the puzzle pieces I used Pure Ice French Kiss (blue), NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost (red), Bonita Neon Poppy (yellow). The stamp is Cheeky XL plate A.  Casey put more light blue in her puzzle and I wish I would have done that but I was trying to be a little different...however imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right!?!?

Well, thanks for stopping by and seeing what I was up to today.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, the lottery numbers were drawn tonight, and I didnt win! Wahhh. Oh well, we have 10 draws so hopefully nobody else won either so we could still have a chance!

I need to get a better system with this blogging thing tho I think. My hours are all crazy! Ive been so sick and cant sleep at night so then I nap in the afternoon and now Im all backwards! Oh well, I like to go through all the blog posts when its quiet so guess it works!

So for todays mani Im going to attempt new things! Yes, Im a bit behind but Ive been wanting to do a flame mani for the Hunger Games (dying to see the movie tho!!!) and Ive finally figured out how i want to do it-a sponged mani, which Ive never tried. Yes. It looks fairly foolproof so we'll see how it goes.I found a great image on Cheeky Plate D too for the flames. Man its 3 am and Im just starting. Pics will have to come tomorrow i think. So stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by!

Love M!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Elusive sleep...

Ok. Come on now. It's 630 AM. Time to go to sleep!! But can't stop  coughing! Ugh this crap hangs on forever. Or maybe it's cuz I'm too excited and proud of myself to sleep for doing this blog! And already have a comment from Jackie!!So cool! Ok so I'm gonna watch the rest of law and order: CI and hopefully fall asleep. So goodnight all...uh Hmm I mean good morning!


First post!

Hey all!

So. I did it. I am finally starting a blog! Im popping my cherry lol.

I've been reading blogs faithfully everyday and I'm excited to see how this will work out for me. I've recently gotten into the world of nail art...mainly stamping but there are other methods out there that I would like to try as well. I've been trying to keep track of Iall my lists, my lemmings, my untrieds, good ideas and whatnot in different notebooks all around the house. But I figured that it would be easier to maybe just put it all in one place and so here I am.

I am going to try to post something each day whether it be a manicure or information I have found about nail art. However, some other topics may creep in there as I do have a habit of veering off topic alot and rambling, lol.

I am excited to be embarking upon this new adventure and I hope that along the way I may pick up a follower or two! I do realize that there are lots of blogs out there about stamping and nail art but I will try my very best to be unique.

Well, hope to talk to some one soon! We'll just have to see where this takes us. But I do love unplanned voyages!

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa (M)