Friday, March 30, 2012

First post!

Hey all!

So. I did it. I am finally starting a blog! Im popping my cherry lol.

I've been reading blogs faithfully everyday and I'm excited to see how this will work out for me. I've recently gotten into the world of nail art...mainly stamping but there are other methods out there that I would like to try as well. I've been trying to keep track of Iall my lists, my lemmings, my untrieds, good ideas and whatnot in different notebooks all around the house. But I figured that it would be easier to maybe just put it all in one place and so here I am.

I am going to try to post something each day whether it be a manicure or information I have found about nail art. However, some other topics may creep in there as I do have a habit of veering off topic alot and rambling, lol.

I am excited to be embarking upon this new adventure and I hope that along the way I may pick up a follower or two! I do realize that there are lots of blogs out there about stamping and nail art but I will try my very best to be unique.

Well, hope to talk to some one soon! We'll just have to see where this takes us. But I do love unplanned voyages!

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa (M)


  1. Good luck with this blog, it is so much fun to watch it grow!!

    1. OMG! My first comment! I'm so excited... you have no idea!! Thank u so much!! You're Awesomesauce


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