Thursday, April 12, 2012

Quick mani...

Well, I was going to do a challenge, but, I guess I cant play well with others! :O So this was going to be one with  ladybugs, but my ladybug image would NOT stamp. I tried different polishes, going faster, slower, and then just gave up. So it ended up looking like a winter background...which coincided quite well with the change of weather we seem to be experiencing. One day its 80 then the next its snowing! Gotta love UTAH weather right! But all in all I think it looked pretty good...see what you think.

I used my new white polish that I got from NAILITE for only 99 cents, I think its called Marshmallow. But I really liked it! It had a good formula, and was a really good white, not too pasty and not too silvery. Then I stamped with Sally Hansen, Grey Area, which to me looks brown, but ya, maybe Ive become color blind?!? The stamp was Shany 18. I was happy to finally find that one of my Shany plates worked! Ive had such a hard time with everyone Ive used thus far. 

Ok, so there it is... a kinda meh, boring mani. But I vowed to always show how each turns out.

Guess you all noticed that I never got my caviar mani done...but it will. Just havent had time to lately. Life has gotten crazy and quite rough to the point I wanna run away and die. But instead, I'll just keep doing my nails and hopefully that will keep me in a somewhat pleasant mood. Ok, done venting for now, and hey thanks for listening!

Hope I didnt scare you all away and you'll check back again to see what Im up to. For now, Ciao!

Thanks for stopping by!

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