Sunday, May 6, 2012

Confetti. Cake!

Ok, yes so I was watching tv while I did this one. I as soon as I was done, the new DQ commercial came on for the new blizzard, Confetti Cake, and as I looked down, I realized that my nails looked exactly like it! Nom nom nom nom, can I eat my nails, lol! Or quick, take me to DQ! Good thing its like 1 am so I cant just go run out and get a blizzard! Although tomorrow  I have to go ... hmmmm, maybe I'll just show you what I came up with instead of slobbering all over my keyboard HA!

So, I made my first glitter sandwich! Cant believe I've never done this before! It looks soooo awesome! It is (for me anyway) one of those manis that I cant stop staring at! I used SH White ON for a nice crisp pure white base.Then for the second coat, I mixed some glitter I got from YOU MIX COSMETICS (you should go talk to Amber, she is sooo sweet! They just moved so their shop is on vacation mode but they are still taking orders. They have lots of frankening supplies and they do have color fast glitter) with some clear I had, I think I should name it "Party in a Bottle" cuz there are some many shapes and colors of glitter! Ah its so awesome! Then for the third coat I made a white jelly and it made the perfect topping to my glitter! Ok, so on with pics right?!?


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