Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well, the lottery numbers were drawn tonight, and I didnt win! Wahhh. Oh well, we have 10 draws so hopefully nobody else won either so we could still have a chance!

I need to get a better system with this blogging thing tho I think. My hours are all crazy! Ive been so sick and cant sleep at night so then I nap in the afternoon and now Im all backwards! Oh well, I like to go through all the blog posts when its quiet so guess it works!

So for todays mani Im going to attempt new things! Yes, Im a bit behind but Ive been wanting to do a flame mani for the Hunger Games (dying to see the movie tho!!!) and Ive finally figured out how i want to do it-a sponged mani, which Ive never tried. Yes. It looks fairly foolproof so we'll see how it goes.I found a great image on Cheeky Plate D too for the flames. Man its 3 am and Im just starting. Pics will have to come tomorrow i think. So stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by!

Love M!


  1. i saw you on the adventures in stamping FB group. i am just starting out too. :) I love this, it looks like what i wanted to do for hunger games, which my nails ended up being an epic FAIL. :/

  2. Love them :]

    Btw you have word verifications on, and it bugs quite a lot of people into not commenting as much when they're lazy bums :] If you want to turn them off but can't figure out how drop me an email :]


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