My Crafty Side...

Ok so there are other things that I like to do other nail art. Thats just the newest thing Ive picked up and am having a BLAST!

I follow other blogs and I found this on one last night. It was from this blog here by Liz. Its a Bunny Door Decoration! Hers is so cute!

I used supplies that I already had at home and it turned out pretty good...tho not as darling as hers (imho) :)

Anywho, here is a pic of mine...I had bought these white boas for a christmas project a few years ago and Ive made some wreaths out of them. The only problem with me is my bunnies ear is too floppy i think...I didnt stay put! Guess I needed different wire. But hey i had a good time making it and if it ever stops blowing so hard here I will put it on my door! Cant wait to see some more projects from Liz!

Considering all the wind we've had lately, I decided not to put this outside and just kept this on our pantry door. 

So, I tried another design...put it up late Friday night and Easter is Sunday. Nothing like procrastination right?!? So heres what this one looked like...

Now my only problem is my cat ate the grass! How long you think that will take to pass, lol! Ugh, hope it just comes out in the end hahaha